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New Brunswick herring
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Based in Canada, specialiazed in smoked herring, salted herring, alewife & other seafood products

Since 1997, at Intercambio, we have been working with our Canadian associate fisheries, smoked herring supplier and other fish exporter.

Smoked herring method of production

An age-old tradition from the southern shores of New Brunswick, Canada: smoked herring, salted herring and alewife. Fresh caught from the Atlantic cold water, the herring is cured for 1 week in brine using coarse natural salt. Then it is lightly desalted, smoked and dried slowly over fires smoldering from a mixture of local soft and hard wood. It is smoked for up to a month. This process handed down from generation to generation results in a product with a distinct flavor that has become renowned in many countries of the world.

Fishing season: end of August to mid October but availabilities all year long

Smoked herring product & packaging
Cannada herring for exprt

For smoked split and bloater choice herring the traditional method is an 18 pounds (8.18 kg) wooden box that permits handling and storage with minimum space, damage or spoilage of product. There is in between 61 and 80 smoked herring per box. For herring fillets the packaging is in 10lbs cartons (4,54kg)

A 40 feet dry container loads  2816 wooden boxes of 18 pounds (8.18 kg) net
A 20 feet dry container loads 1320 wooden boxes of 18 pounds (8.18 kg) net


The product can be handled and stored without cooling facilities and are ideal for regions where such facilities are scarce. Shelf life is at least 12 months or more.

Canada herrings

Canada smoked herring split Whole smoked Canada herrings bloater choice Canada herring fillets
Canada smoked herring split Smoked herring choice bloaters
whole herrings
Canada herring fillets

Canada herring

Smoked herring drier
Herring before drying Canada hanged smoked herring in drier
Canada herring wooden box Canada smoked herring filets
Canada split herring wooden box Canada smoke herring fillets carton

Salted Alewife fish
Alosa pseudoharengus

Canada salted Alewife fish

Alewife fish (Alosa pseudoharengus, similar to Herring, is a small fish whom size is generally less than 30cm and weight less than 400g.
The alewives are salted and dry packed (no brine) in  30 pounds (13,63 kg) pails
Famous in African and Caribbean cooking.
Yearly season is June but useful to contact us before the fishing season.

Salted alewife pails
Salted alewife pails

Canada salted alewife dry pack
Canada salted alewife dry pack

Types of fish and packaging resume

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